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Premium trading bot that trades volume spikes using MetaTrader5


​Features Include

  1. The bot is designed to trade both long and short positions and takes multiple trades a day.

  2. The bot allows trading of multiple assets, such as stocks, crypto, indexes, and more and offers options to use specified list of assets or the current asset.

  3. The bot has a unique trade/strategy type that can be set to the opening range breakout (ORB) or Snapback, with the ability to choose the direction (long, short, or automatic).

  4. Standard settings include profit taker, stop loss padding, cancel trade after a specified number of candles, risk, max lot size, and more.

  5. The bot requires specifying the candle lookback to calculate the average volume using tick volume.

  6. It looks for a default 3x (or 300%) spike in volume compared to the average volume.

  7. After a spike of trading volume, it waits for a specified number of candles before making a trade decision.

  8. The bot focuses on a specific time frame during the day when volume is significant, and by default ignores market opens and closes.

  9. The trading start and end times can be defined, allowing the bot to exit trades automatically at the end time.

  10. The bot can trade multiple assets simultaneously and allows customization of lot sizes based on the available account balance.

  11. It is designed to capture and take advantage of high volume and volatility typically observed on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

  12. The bot's performance can be tested through backtesting and optimization of various settings.

  13. Recommended to run the bot on VPS/cloud servers to monitor and benefit from volume spikes effectively. Optimization and testing are recommended for optimal results.

  14. The bot allows running backtests to evaluate its performance across different assets and time frames.


Screen shots

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