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Mountain Ridge


Bot Trading

Learn bot trading within MetaTrader5 software in a "small study group" of 5+ traders. Learn everything you need to setup, back test, deploy, optimize, review and create a monthly plan (run sheet) to operate the bots.

Go from a total newbie to an bot "ninja" and run multiple bots and strategies on your desktop or in the cloud. Everything you need to learn, test and launch your own trading bots. During the 8-session class, Matt shares his favorite bots with you.


One on One Coaching

Learn stock trading in a one-on-one setting. In this 90 minute session, you will learn about day trading or swing trading and how Matt spends only "3 hours a week"


generating a full-time income or a quick strategy refresher. Zoom screen share meeting w/ recordings.

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6-Month Premier Coaching

Challenge your body physically to increase strength and stamina. Go from Business ideas to plans to action. Wealth formation and generational wealth creation. Get disciplined in life. 


Learn my strategies for streamlining and automation. How to value your time and money. Where to focus your energy. When to say enough is enough and move on. 

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