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BOUNCING BACK: The Journey to Dream Again

This is the question CEO, & trading expert Matt Delong asked himself when a hacker stole 250,000 credit cards from his clients in 2011.


Faced with lawsuits, death threats, and a mass exodus of employees, Matt DeLong went through the darkest depression of his life, not knowing how he was going to persevere. Thankfully he did, and ended up selling his company in a multi-million dollar deal. Matt shares with us 3 powerful lessons from his journey of rebuilding and starting over.

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"Matt delivers powerful discussions on overcoming, mindset, and dreaming again" - Josh Wilson

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Compared to a year ago, today, I'm more educated in the stock world, I have better direction in life. Goals are set. Better sleeping habit, I get way more exercise than last year. Just overall a lot better and basically all from your help Matt. I can’t thank you enough. I seriously wouldn’t have been comfortable today with the options if it weren’t for your mentoring sessions :) Just made 7R on SQ calls, biggest day ever for me. :))). I’m so happy. Thanks again Matt!!


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