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Premium trading bot that trades gaps on stocks using MetaTrader5


​Features Include

  1. Trade multiple assets simultaneously specifying a list of tickers separated by commas.

  2. Run a single ticker/asset or choose from the specified list.

  3. Trade multiple assets at the same time, but it can also be configured to trade one asset at a time.

  4. Focuses on identifying gaps in the market, specifically the size of the gap between the previous day's close and the current day's open.

  5. The minimum gap percentage parameter determines the required size of the gap for the bot to trigger a trade.

  6. The bot dynamically decides whether to use the Orb (Opening Range Breakout) strategy or the Snapback strategy based on the gap direction (up or down).

  7. The bot determines the bias (bullish or bearish) based on the gap direction and subsequently applies the appropriate strategy.

  8. The bot includes configuration settings such as gap size, stop loss padding, risk, max lot size, days of the week to trade and more.

  9. The bot allows running backtests to evaluate its performance across different assets and time frames.


Screen shots

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