Trading Automation Classes

Trading Automation

Learn algo stock trading within MetaTrader5 software in a "small study group" of 6-10 traders. Learn everything you need to setup, backtest, deploy, optimize, review and build a scope of work for your future strategies.

Go from a total newbie to an algo "ninja" and run multiple bots and strategies on your desktop or in the cloud. Everything you need to learn, test and launch your own trading bots. During the 8-session class, Matt shares his favorite bots with you.

  • Forex

  • Stocks

  • Crypto

  • Indexes

  • And more


NOTE: You do NOT need to know how to write code, Matt provides his favorite bots to you in class.

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Who this class is for

  • People that want to learn trading without having to be in front of the computer all day.
  • Traders that want automated strategies.
  • Traders that suffer from FOMO and discipline.

What you will learn

  • Everything you need to know to launch trading robots inside MetaTrader 5
  • How to download and install Matt's trading bots.
  • How to backtest, review and do a deep dive on backtest reports.
  • How to setup and deploy bots both on your desktop and in the cloud (VPS).
  • How to review, optimize and monitor live bots.
Crystal Salt

Starts at $999 for 8 sessions

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Compared to a year ago, today, I'm more educated in the stock world, I have better direction in life. Goals are set. Better sleeping habit, I get way more exercise than last year. Just overall a lot better and basically all from your help Matt. I can’t thank you enough. I seriously wouldn’t have been comfortable today with the options if it weren’t for your mentoring sessions :) Just made 7R on SQ calls, biggest day ever for me. :))). I’m so happy. Thanks again Matt!!