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Master the Markets with Expert Training: Learn Automated Bot Trading!

Bot Trading

Learn bot trading within MetaTrader5 software in a "small study group" of 6-15 traders. Learn everything you need to setup, backtest, deploy, optimize, review and build a run sheet.

Go from a total newbie to an bot "ninja" and run multiple bots and strategies on your desktop or in the cloud. Everything you need to learn, test and launch your own trading bots. During the 8-session class, Matt shares his 4 favorite bots with you.



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NOTE: You do NOT need to know how to write code, Matt provides his 4 favorite bots to you in class.

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October 3-26

Tue + Thu @ 8:30am EST or 8:00pm EST
(Online Zoom)



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Class is for traders who are..

Struggling with trading

Emotions, decision making all over the place

Freezing, don’t know what to do

Can’t seem to figure it out

Think you don’t have what it takes

Losing money

What you will learn

Everything you need to know to launch trading robots inside MetaTrader 5

How to download and install Matt's trading bots.

How to backtest, review and do a deep dive on backtest reports.

How to setup and deploy bots both on your desktop and in the cloud (VPS).

How to review, optimize and monitor live bots.

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Automated Bot Trading

Bot Trading is the use of computers & sophisticated software to execute trades automatically based on pre-programmed trading rules. This approach to trading has so many benefits:



Automated trading systems can make trades much faster than a human can.



Automated systems are not subject to emotions, which can often cloud judgment and lead to poor trade decisions.



Automated systems can execute orders much more quickly and efficiently than a human could.



Automated systems can execute trades accurately and with a high degree of precision.



Automated systems can be backtested using historical data to see how they would have performed under different market conditions.

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Mentorship Class Outline

Class 1

Intro to MetaTrader5, RLT Funded accounts, asset classes, explanation of bot1 (day trading), download and import bot, and review on select stocks.

Class 2

Review backtests, export results, ticker testing, timeframe testing, optimization testing, deep dive, and how to save & re-load settings using settings templates.

Class 3

How to do identify backtest result anomalies, review backtests, and intro to bot2 (day trading bot), and the limitations of the 8cap 5 minute restrictions.

Class 4

How to attach a bot to live charts, configuring GO LIVE, adjusting settings, checklist for going live, adjusting trades in live accounts and more.

Class 5

Using VPS in the cloud, ideas to minimize risk during drawdowns, troubleshoot bots. Discuss bot3 (hybrid bot), other bots, advantages and disadvantages.

Class 6

How to run multiple bots in a single account. Reviewing previous weeks trades, parallel test results of backtest vs live trades for the week and breakout sessions.

Class 7

Introduction to gold and other asset classes, focus on single day optimizations. Introduction to bot4 (hybrid trading bot). Intro to forward optimization and breakout sessions.

Class 8

Final review of the process for reviewing a new bot, starting with bucket testing, optimization, settings file templates, report export and building a run sheet to keep all your tests & bots organized.

Video Testimonials

Screen Shot 2022-11-24 at 8.24.28 AM.png


I appreciate your class, it’s been great and I’ve learned a lot.


Looking forward to opening up two accounts. A lot of things have been cleared up for me from this class. Thank you to you and Real Life Trading.

- Christobal

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Discover 7 compelling reasons why my students are raving about my bot trading classes.

1. Trading Automation

  • Eliminates manual labor in trading.

  • Reduces the risk of errors in trading decisions.

  • Increases trading speed for quick execution.

2. Funded Trading Accounts

  • Opportunity to get a funded trading account with Real Life Trading for as little as $500.

  • The account grows by 10%, and the money becomes "real" with a 75/25 profit split.

  • Provided over $250+ million worth of funded accounts in the last 12 months.

3. Use of Trading Bots

  • Use trading bots to grow funded accounts without needing to write code.

  • Bots can make money in both rising and falling markets, reducing stress during market fluctuations.

  • Bots allow for continuous trading for up to 6.5 hours for stocks, 23 hours for indexes and forex and 24/7 for crypto, generating potential profits.

4. Automated Backtesting

  • The software used for bot trading automation is MetaTrader 5, and the bots are available for free (but only in class).

  • Backtesting helps simulate trades and refine strategies for optimal performance.

  • You can run hundreds or thousands of automated backtests to identify profitable strategies.

5. Reduced Time and Effort

  • Automated trading saves time and effort on manual order inputs.

  • Focus more on trades and high-earning opportunities.

  • Avoid missing trading opportunities due to personal commitments or fear of missing out.

6. Potential for Passive Income

  • Trading automation allows you to set up multiple funded accounts to generate passive income.

  • Snowball your earnings by growing accounts, getting funded, and purchasing more funded accounts.

7. Empowerment and Impact

  • Real Life Trading's mission is "To Enrich Lives."

  • Trading automation provides opportunities to pursue dreams, make a difference for family and community, and achieve financial goals.

Overall, trading bots offer the benefits of efficiency, reduced risk, continuous trading, and the potential for passive income, empowering individuals to achieve financial independence and make a positive impact on their lives and communities.


October 3-26

Tue + Thu @ 8:30am EST or 8:00pm EST
(Online Zoom)



* Have a question? Book a call w/ Matt

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